Drag & drop editor

Easily create your own email

Add your content in one click


Change anything in the text, title, content, paragraphs, buttons and more...


Import your images, change the size, modify them and insert the link you want. Images are hosted in the Stamplia Builder.

Colors & background

Personalize text colors, background colors, background colors of each module, and more... Insert your favorite colors.

Unlimited layout. No coding, it just works

Create your own email template in minutes with modules. Keep your template design while creating the layout you want. Build, move, destroy, re-build according to your mood. Just like a Lego!

No limit to your imagination, anything is possible from the basic template layout.

Stamplia builder editor

Email automatically looks great on mobile devices...

Makes your email template look amazing on any device

The templates that work with the editor are automatically responsive.

Whatever changes you make and the layout that you create, by saving your template it will be automatically responsive! No codes, no tech!

Do nothing, just look.

responsive on mobile

...and preview in real time. No more shocks and surprises!

Your emails will be accessible everywhere

At any time during the creation of your own email template, you can check how your template looks in mobile.

Switch and see!
responsive on desktop

Your email template works with your favorite email provider

Your marketing become easier, faster.

Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor
Coming soon
Coming soon

We want to make your life easier. With our templates you never touch HTML codes.

Once your template is saved, you can export it to your favorite email provider and in one click your template is compatible with your email provider's editor! You can also modify it from your email provider.

Your template is sent to your MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid or Mandrill account... (other email providers will be available soon).

Export your template directly into your email provider
Download the html code that is compatible with your provider

Access to the editor from anywhere.
Use the web app or the desktop application.

Download for Mac or Download for PC

You want to use the editor but you're not a Stamplia member

No worries, we offer unlimited access to the editor with all features.

  • Unlimited html code import
  • Unlimited template
  • Free templates included
  • Unlimited export & download
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IT’S FREE to use the editor with templates bought on Stamplia.

You don’t have a Stamplia template, but you want use an email template that you already have? No worries. You can make it compatible with our editor. Just follow the guide!

All features are available: it is automatically compatible with email providers, 100% customizable with layout modules, and more…